Organics. Absolutely delicious !!

Version 2

Good evening all …or rather, good morning!

I just so happen to be in Phoenix this weekend therefore another off the wall post coming your way; as in nothing to do with LBM but that’s okay, we’ll get back to that.

I was just going through some pics, this one actually taken in Washington state, and decided to share it.  Why?  Well, because just by looking at it I could taste its goodness!

It’s amazing how much more flavor lives in organic produce, never mind the higher level of nutrients.  And then I’m left to wonder … okay we won’t get into the politics of that for now – guess I really don’t want to go there ‘cause we could go on forever.

Instead I hope you like my shot and you can enjoy some fabulous organic produce real soon.  I would love for everyone to be able to intake and savor real food.  Bon Appetite!

😕 Please pardon the lack of ink …

⛴ Okay so it’s now Monday night and I find myself on the WSFerries system; I am traveling from Seattle to Bremerton after a chilly but wonderful afternoon & evening spent at the Pike Place Market area.

This course of action comes from my previously stated technical difficulties and yes I still seem to have 💻 that issue.  So I took a break and escaped to Washington state for a breath of crisp fresh air!

Consider this an apology for not posting last night, I was beside myself: so a dear friend took me to Port Orchard for an evening of comedy.  I enjoyed some great laughs with the featured Comedian, Monica Nevi; she’s a riot!  Laughter is such great medicine! 😂

🔜 I should be back up this next Sunday evening, so please do return.  😉 Thanks for your continued participation alongside of us in the unfolding of events in this Little Blue Masala’s story.  🔷