22. Between A Rock and a Hard Place, the Courier Pigeons Returned

Quite some time had passed; Hemma and I automatically fell into the low-profile mode for a while.  Neither of us contacted the other.  Guess we really had nothing to say and I had so many questions all at once, but I didn’t.

Meanwhile Noori found more time to spend visiting my family and naturally that strengthened our bond.  We were not romantically involved, swear it!  

I’ll admit there was a whole lot of innocent flirting going on though.  It just seemed to happen, we’re young people here! and admittedly I was feeling very much unloved by my wife.  Hemma’s actions kept me at a distance.

My family didn’t stop or even suggest fewer visits from Noori.  I know it was because they saw more smiles upon my face and even some laughter escaped this broken young man.

One day the courier pigeons returned into my new-found comfort zone with a surprise message.  This time Hemma’s letter stated she had found a house for the two of us to live in together, sans parents aka no interference and about 3 kilometers away from either family home, in the town of Samabula.

This was her suggestion to try again, presenting a few choice thoughts I feel, in hopes of leading me into an agreeable decision.  I felt she was taking strides towards saving us.  

It was time for a family dialogue …what to do?  The closest members of the family to include, strong head on his shoulders mama, congregated shortly after I brought this proposal to their attention.  Clearly it was that important to all.  

After much weighing up, checks and balances, and most importantly my willingness to try one more time to make this marriage work, it was agreed, I should try again.  A couple of weeks later we moved into this house together.


Mama    (mother’s brother in Hindi) for those of you who forgot LOL

Entanglement Amidst Tranquility

C - Sea Wood (sq) -signed

So here I stand at the shore – well, one of many but this time it’s the Monterey Coastline.  The reason I am sharing this has something to do with not posting this past Sunday.  I had made a date with myself to do something I have patiently waited to accomplish for over 20 years – and I did it!  I’ll be happy to share that in a future post.

I selected this photo to demonstrate how such a beautiful life can encounter tangles and yet remain intensely engaging, so far out and return to beautiful.

Am I a 🌳 hugger… 🌿you have to ask?  I seem to have a soundtrack to almost every moment in my life, hah!  I have to laugh at myself often when I reflect on some of the things I do!  ☺️

🦋 I am certainly the one who is constantly stopping to smell the 🌼 not picking, only photographing and planning crazy adventures in hopes they’ll actualize (my odds have been about 60/40 at present).  And do I spend ridiculous amounts of time staring at the 🌖 and the sea?  Absolutely, whenever I can!

🦎Oops now how did I get off on that trail?  Ah well, guess it had to come out at some point lol, that was fun!

Anyhow the tangles this week were enough to keep away from the computer and that’s okay.  I’m on a lifetime high from this past weekend; absolutely no regrets!

Returning to LBM this weekend.  Wait till you see how many more tangles enter the scene.  Chaos, romantic adventures naturally, dangerous waters, many more foreign destinations, etc., await and to make an important note:

LBM is still trying to locate some old photographs and that’s why there aren’t any yet.  We really do want to add some visuals for you and we’re trying to avoid stock pics only because we’re looking to be as directly tied in/accurate as possible.

Thanks for understanding and for your continued views (please remember to comment & share) and support ~ with LOVE all things are possible, it’s really true!