65. A Haunting Melody & Roller Skates

I asked Diana if she’d like to double date with my friend Dave, whom she was now familiar with through her questioning but hadn’t yet met, and his girlfriend.  

Diana was more than willing and somehow I just knew she’d be game.  Dave told me about a fairly new movie, Summer Place which he’d been wanting to go see.  He thought this was a perfect date movie and the four of us should go together.

Saturday evening came and Dave picked up Diana and myself in mom’s lite blue Ford Fairlane 500 at the now regular meeting spot (Chevron) and off we went to catch the movie.  

At the box office Dave insisted on buying our tickets.  I protested but he told me straight, “No.  I invited the two of you to join us.”  And once inside he also wanted to buy sodas and popcorn for the four of us.  

Anyone of you reading this now, who has seen Summer Place with Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue knows this is quite a romantic movie (at least back in the simple day).  I tell you I was not expecting the 🎶 music to strike me just as it did.

A melodic musical piece, the theme song 🎵 from this movie became our own personal theme.  ♥️ It acted as glue binding us together; it was haunting and magical.  Of course I had absolutely no idea that was coming. 🌹

To say the least we all enjoyed the movie very much.  By the time it let out we were very hungry.   Dave took us to this drive-up restaurant and I‘m pretty sure it was the Tiny Naylors on Sunset Boulevard.  What a treat this was for me, why I’d never seen anything like this before.

The waitresses were uniformed real cute, taking our order and serving us right at our car, all while on roller skates.  I have to admit I was impressed.  That whole experience was lots of fun for all of us.  Oh to be young and having a carefree time of it!

Once again Dave opened his wallet but I had to stop him.  I could see it in his eyes when he smiled that he respected my gesture and so he backed down.  I covered Diana’s and my portion of the bill and of course that pleased me.

We drove around a bit afterwards but all that sitting was causing a lazy feeling.  Dave dropped us both off at Diana’s apartment.  She invited me to stay with her and I end up spending the night.  

Both of us clearly, equally hungry for the human touch, affection and possibly even love. ♥️ Summer Place was the beginning of Diana’s and my relationship.


melodic musical pieceto this very day, that piece of music makes LBM’s eyes water, he gets all choked up and he’s gone …back to those days.  

I just brought the theme from Summer Place up on my computer for him to listen to as I finished up this post.  He tries to say something not realizing that his voice would come out cracked.

Music is definitely magical, this I know for a fact.

He tells me,Right up to this very moment, wherever I am or have been, a shop, restaurant, hotel, walking down the street passing by a record shop, whatever, wherever I overhear this piece and I’m instantly transported to that very same Saturday.  It never changes.  It keeps happening, never failing.  

“It’s as though I can touch it but only with my heart.  I go to the very place in time and we are all 4 together, I relive it happily.  Then I see I am with Diana right through the night, moment for moment and into the next morning (which came too soon).”  He then finished with,…it is like a gift.  You know, the one that keeps on giving.”

Prologue …

Since writing my thoughts down and then discovering I could detail my life as a blog, more and more memories have been flowing through my mind.  I’ve been jotting these down as quickly as I can recall them in hopes that others will be able to enjoy the stories I tell.  

And maybe a spark will ignite within you the reader, to seek out your own adventures, not only in my homeland of the Fiji Islands but wherever your heart desires.

As you are reading this blog you’ll get an understanding of my childhood and my perspective of living in a larger island city.  Hopefully you’ll feel compelled to join me on my journey through this lifetime.  

Perhaps you’ll share your story someday?  We all have one to be sure.

My family has tried over the years to coax stories out of me while other times I bombard them with sudden flashbacks.  They’ve gone as far as to digitally record those random conversations; nothing came of those recordings and notes, they never took on a more organized form.

On Christmas morning in 2014 I lost my wife of 46 years and after processing such a loss and spending time with my children at a different level, I found myself working through my own memories and my own mortality in a manner that I never thought I could…

… I took to paper!

I started writing in note form information from my first memories into my childhood and on through my teen-aged years. The recollections continued flowing right into the journey that would land me into America permanently and my time at sea in the sixties with the Merchant Marines.

Getting on in years my memory fades in and out with daily tasks and mundane thoughts; happily -for it brings me great joy- the memories of my youth, an adolescent and the journey from my childhood home up to the various places in my current life, now those shine bright in my mind’s eye.

It has come to the point when I lay my head down on the pillow at night, it is like a movie begins; my early years are persistent, they want to be remembered.  This in turn oils the wheels in my head, setting them into motion and I find myself waking up to another new found memory which previously was tucked neatly away in time.

Here now are my memoirs, and I would love to share them with you, the world.  I do hope you join me through this journey because I am sure you will find something along the way that will bring you joy, encourage a different thought, and perhaps even inspire actions that may have otherwise lay dormant.

So then as to not have any more grass grow under my feet, allow me to introduce to you myself as a Little Blue Masala from the Pacific and I thank you for taking the time to be a part of me!