Twenty-five Cents Worth

It’s true.  Only a quarter of LBM’s story has been told up till now.  Then we went and missed 3 weeks worth of posts.  Sorry.  There’s good reason though.  While LBM was off on a long weekend up north, he had some questionable cardiac activity … or was it his diabetes?  c- the flame! (James' b-day torch)

The hospital ran thorough tests and so did his cardiologist upon his return to town and no, nothing.  His heart is good and strong (yes!) so … it begs the question, what did happen?  

Well so we all can go on, he’s been blessed with more time, the internal flame is still burning – yay!

Needless to say, the blog was secondary on the agenda.  Lots of rest and slow down (a bit more than usual) for some extra days.  Then there was me on a temporary overload of sorts.  That’s the nutshell version and more than enough!

Thanks for coming back to check on things, your continued reading and likes; always appreciated for sure!  Looking out for more comments.  All of you, be well and dig in deep to all of life’s moments!


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🌴 For those of you taking the plunge 💦 into the South Pacific Ocean with us, we welcome you!!  The pilot  📝 sets up the 📃 chronicles and you’ll always be able to find the previous segments 🎈 resting in the archives.

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Prologue …

Since writing my thoughts down and then discovering I could detail my life as a blog, more and more memories have been flowing through my mind.  I’ve been jotting these down as quickly as I can recall them in hopes that others will be able to enjoy the stories I tell.  

And maybe a spark will ignite within you the reader, to seek out your own adventures, not only in my homeland of the Fiji Islands but wherever your heart desires.

As you are reading this blog you’ll get an understanding of my childhood and my perspective of living in a larger island city.  Hopefully you’ll feel compelled to join me on my journey through this lifetime.  

Perhaps you’ll share your story someday?  We all have one to be sure.

My family has tried over the years to coax stories out of me while other times I bombard them with sudden flashbacks.  They’ve gone as far as to digitally record those random conversations; nothing came of those recordings and notes, they never took on a more organized form.

On Christmas morning in 2014 I lost my wife of 46 years and after processing such a loss and spending time with my children at a different level, I found myself working through my own memories and my own mortality in a manner that I never thought I could…

… I took to paper!

I started writing in note form information from my first memories into my childhood and on through my teen-aged years. The recollections continued flowing right into the journey that would land me into America permanently and my time at sea in the sixties with the Merchant Marines.

Getting on in years my memory fades in and out with daily tasks and mundane thoughts; happily -for it brings me great joy- the memories of my youth, an adolescent and the journey from my childhood home up to the various places in my current life, now those shine bright in my mind’s eye.

It has come to the point when I lay my head down on the pillow at night, it is like a movie begins; my early years are persistent, they want to be remembered.  This in turn oils the wheels in my head, setting them into motion and I find myself waking up to another new found memory which previously was tucked neatly away in time.

Here now are my memoirs, and I would love to share them with you, the world.  I do hope you join me through this journey because I am sure you will find something along the way that will bring you joy, encourage a different thought, and perhaps even inspire actions that may have otherwise lay dormant.

So then as to not have any more grass grow under my feet, allow me to introduce to you myself as a Little Blue Masala from the Pacific and I thank you for taking the time to be a part of me!