About the Blogger … a note of gratitude

I am more than appreciative of the honeybees and their miraculous works, the delight and usefulness of the flowers, the more valuable-than-gold harvest, the moon, the sun, the endless blanket of stars and thrills alive in the night’s sky.  

I thrive in spirit for the deluge of rain when it finally arrives in the most needed of places; what a blessing.  I am so grateful that as of this moment both of my parents are still alive and smiling, my siblings are good people and my friends are so very dear.

Sadly my other mother of over 45 years left us early Christmas morning in 2014 ~ she was only 69.  She is missed deeply but she knew it was her time, she was smiling; if only the rest of us get that grace.

C - June '12 -Stuttgart (watermark)

My heart rejoices at the creative thought in which I see the life and unconditional love in my children.  Laughter abounds at the amusing behavior of my grandchildren as well as the babies of the wild, the sweet playful kittens, puppies, and birds, indeed all manner of creatures.  

A satisfaction wells up from within to see the apparent ‘permanent’ smile on the face of a bottlenose dolphin, the bald eagle’s full wingspan, the jet-powered awesomeness of the hummingbird, the glowing bottoms of the fireflies and the sweet sounds of nature herself!

I bow in awe at the power of the ocean, the wind and the storms, the sight of the mountains majesty, the morning’s first light and the visual treat of the sunset.  I absolutely love it when the thunder surrounds and then rumbles inside me, what a kick!  

Back in the mid 90’s I was literally charged by the power of lightening -blown right off my feet in fact- in the Nevada desert.  Wasn’t my time to fly away I guess.

I am grateful for my strong legs and steady feet which have served me very well throughout my life, allowing me many an adventure.  I give thanks for all the gifts I receive on a daily basis , there are so many to mention but I believe you get the idea.

The ocean, she calls to me …

x x x x x x x x x x x

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