a note of appreciation from the blogger

To say I am in deep gratitude would be to barely touch the humbling appreciation for the honeybees and their miraculous works.  See their more valuable-than-gold harvest, a daily task created only out of the necessity to survive, hurting no one in the process.

That being said I wish to acknowledge my pure delight in realizing the usefulness and gracious beauty of our 🌏 planet’s trees, flowers, waters and creatures; the Earth’s symphony I say.C - brilliant gold on pink -signed

And rightly so I must credit the butterflies, moths, the beetles, hoverflies, midges (for chocolate!) and yes, lemurs and bats too for their pollination efforts; happening every single day, beautifully and without second thought or greed, just as Nature herself intended of course!

I love, 💕the moon, the life-inspiring 🌞, the endless blanket of brilliant stars and thrills alive in the night’s sky; I find it absolutely difficult to stop my tireless gaze.

I thrive in spirit for the deluge of rain when it finally arrives in the most needed of places; what a blessing.  I feel blessed that as of this moment, both of my parents are still alive and smiling.  I am pleased that my siblings and my children are loving, generous, good people – a real kick in the pants! and my friends are so very dear. both … my biological mother just past this last May.  Now it’s just dad.

My other mother of over 45 years left us, it was very early on Christmas morning.  That was in 2014 ~ she was only 69.  She is missed deeply but she knew it was her time, and she did leave us with some comfort.  It was at 3 in the morning that she showered (not the usual as 5:30a was the normal) and put on fresh clothes.  She had a massive heart attack as she sat in her chair.  It was over quickly and her son, my little brother found her with an unmistakable smile upon her face; if only the rest of us get that grace.

C - June '12 -Stuttgart (watermark)

My heart rejoices at the creative thought in which I see the life and unconditional love in my children. Laughter abounds at the amusing behavior of my grandchildren as well as the babies of the wild.

C - Roses Mother Teresa -signedSee the antics of the playful furry little chimps, the sweet awkwardness of the newborn foal and giraffe, the precious baby elephant, comical puppies, tumbling little bear and wildcat cubs, helpless baby birds, indeed all manner of creatures.

A satisfaction wells up from within to see the apparent permanent smile on the face of a bottlenose dolphin.  And then there’s the wandering albatross, appearing so clumsy with those large wings as he readies himself to sit upon the water, before getting fully comfortable; how does it tuck its full wingspan neatly away?  Gotta say though, I love how they use their feet on approach to land in the water, it’s so cool!

I cannot help but to smile big every time I’m buzzed at incredible speeds by the jet-powered awesomeness of the hummingbird, it never ceases to amuse and amaze me.  And what of the great pleasure derived from the sweet sounds, scents and the very feeling of Nature herself? undeniably the gift that will never stop giving, so long as the universe continues to expand!

Let’s take a walk in that forest again, lay under a blanket of desert stars and make our way to just sit at the sea … or jump in!  Either way, all an excellent demonstration of the scents, sounds, tastes, sights and tangibility that is there for all of us, a present, a gift in the now of things.  What a thrilling sensation!

mom & the turtle.JPGI metaphorically bow in awe at the power of the ocean, the wind and the storms, the sight of the mountains majesty, the morning’s first light and the visual treat of the sunset.  I absolutely love it when the thunder rolls in, surrounds and then boom! rumbles inside me, what a kick!  

Speaking of kicks, back in the mid 90’s I was literally charged by the power of a glorious blast of lightning  🌩  –blown right off my feet in fact– in the Nevada desert; it was late summer.  Wasn’t my time to fly away I guess but I did obtain some unique lightning bolt-like tattoos from that experience.  I sure grew fond of them, admitting though at first, I was shocked by their appearance.  Be that as it may time took them away -glad we photographed them before their disappearance.

I am in deep appreciation for the strength with which my lungs, back, joints, arms & hands, legs & steady feet have supported me throughout my life, affording me many adventures.  I remain cognizant of the self-guided harmony with which my entire biological structure operates.  I have the utmost humble respect for the soundness of my mind and spirit,  and wow, what wonder I have in all of my organs including of course my steadily pumping heart!

I find great comfort in knowing that my cells know what to do each and every night as I sleep. They diligently work to repair me without requiring my instruction.  With recognition of these often taken-for-granted gifts, I participate with all my senses, as often as I can.  This allows me great delight of the joys I receive on a daily basis; there are so many to mention but I’d like to believe, you get the idea.

🌊 the ocean, she calls to me

x  x  x

Hummingbird Adventures & Travels ©2021

Elysian Wings ©2021      

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