45. At Last I’ve Been Dealt the Perfect Hand – Tuesday

January 1959

Tuesday morning instead of going straight into work, I detoured to the hospital.  Today I hadn’t made the arrangement to be late to work, I just took a chance, optimistic in my near future plans.  

At this hospital there was a young man I knew who worked there.  This X Ray technician was still burning a candle for one of my cousins.  In the not-so-distant past, I had played courier pigeon for the two of them so he was only too happy to return a favor!  

I found him and briefly explained what I was up to.  He shared a broad smile with me, “I know exactly what you need.”  In five minutes he had me back in the X Ray room and he clicked off precisely what was needed.  

“Come back anytime after two this afternoon and your picture will be ready to pick-up.  Best of luck and don’t forget your mates back here on this little island!”

That was easy.  I felt confident enough now that I wanted to just propel forward; so no, not to work yet.  Next I went to the Suva police station to try and obtain the required ‘good character’ report.

I quickly found a cousin of mine -yes it’s true- who worked there.  Again briefly, I explained my intentions and handed the paperwork from the consulate’s office to him.  “I know what’s needed here for you, I’ll get it done.  Give me an hour and come back for it.”

Now that the police document and the X ray was tended to, I went over to my brother-in-law’s garage to get the document of financial promise.  While I waited there in the office, the letter was drafted and I obtained it quickly.  

Guess I’d better go to work?

And so I did.  No one said anything to me about my late arrival.  My brother is watching me though but I didn’t think anything of it, save he was just being my watchful brother.  

At lunchtime I went back to the police station and picked up my letter.  I then caught the bus to the hospital to collect my X Ray and returned to work.  

That evening I went straight home, it had been a very active day.  Still I have told nobody in my immediate family about my plans.  Thankfully I now have 3 of the 4 required items to go along with my already filled out application.



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