10. Kiwis For a Queen and Aussie Burgers For Me! – part 2

My turn at waving: as our ship is leaving the harbor, there was this cute young girl waving good-bye from where she stood on the dock.  When I spotted her I waved in return and immediately the guys beside me chided, “What, another one?!”

Okay back-up for a moment; she and I had met in one of those lovely green city parks.  This young beauty was a native New Zealander whom I saw sitting by herself on a park bench.

Why not, I had to take the chance and so I approached her.  She looked at me and smiled right away and so I asked her if she’d mind my company.  She was very friendly and invited me to sit.

She stated instantly she thought I was not local and I shared that I was very temporary in her homeland.  She told me she was currently attending college.  I sat only for a moment before she invited me to get up and walk with her through the gardens.

I remember my fascination as I watched her speak while the breeze kept blowing her wild and fair sand colored hair, all around her face.  She reached for my hand and so we continued to hold hands as we walked the garden park.

That’s it, afternoon liaison!  What?  You thought there was more to that afternoon?


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