8. One Never Forgets Their First Love 🌸 -The Human Condition- part 2

We discussed that upon my return to Canada I could ‘jump ship’ with her assistance so we could marry and run off into our own world.  We were young and certainly dreaming in the carefree style of youth but we felt it was something much more.

We spoke about other little things, a few more questions about each other but it was clear, our main topic of conversation remained my return and our wanting to be together for always.

We did not dance this evening.  We didn’t want to shift in any way from our fixed position there at the table.  I cannot describe too well exactly how it was and the only thing which comes to mind is this: it was like someone brought a heater over to our table, placed it there at our feet, making us so warm and cozy leaving nothing to exist outside our immediate parameter.

I was so confident this was completely beyond a simple flight of fancy.  We were melting over here, into one another!  Unfortunately for us, the clock continued ticking the seconds away and not only did she have to get home I too had to return to the ship.

Not once during the evening did we separate.  There would be the occasional glance over to the table her sisters occupied and always a friendly smile or wave was sent back our way.  I knew we had their approval.

It was about 10p and we had to admit it was time to say goodnight.  We both slowly stood up knowing that would begin the separation process.  We immediately embraced.  Funny how the departing embrace felt too short and not at all like the eternity of meeting again.  We held on to each other as long as we could and then I kissed her on the cheek.

She looked at me with that special smile of hers and right away she kissed me.  She kissed me!  Well then, I knew this was certainly meant to be.  Now I returned the kiss and wow, we were glued together in what brought back that feeling of eternity!

I don’t know how that moment spirited away but we found ourselves, with her roses in one hand and my hand in her other, at the table of her sisters and I knew I had to leave.

I said goodnight and thanked the girls for being so kind. “Good night lovely ladies, it’s been my pleasure.”  They replied with smiles and giggles, “We’ll see you soon!”

Sonia stood beside me and it was very clear to me, she did not want to be separated from me, nor I from her.  We were holding hands all this time and as I had to make a move towards the door, we held each other’s hand right up to the last touch of fingertips as they slowly fell away from the dream.

As I walked out the door I looked back and saw that Sonia was silently watching me.  Although there was a subtle smile on her lips, I sensed sadness in her eyes.  My heart felt hers.  We hesitantly waved to one another and I was out the door.  My heart remained in her hands.

I grabbed a cab and returned to the ship.  Now in my cabin, I changed into my pajamas, turned down my bed and sat on it.  I felt the need to say a prayer.  I asked God to help me return to Sonia, never letting us part again.

Also I asked Him to keep her healthy and happy …and then I saw her beautiful smile and so much love in her gentle brownish-blue eyes; well I guess my prayer trailed off at that point and I lay down, methodically pulling the covers over myself, to assure you the only thing I had in my mind was returning to Sonia.

I tried desperately to sleep but most of the night I was kept awake with images of her holding on to me.  They were so intense I could feel her body holding mine so tight as though she knew I would leave and …I knew Sonia never wanted me to leave.  In my heart, I did not want to leave her.


8. One Never Forgets Their First Love 🌸 (the Human Condition) – part 1

My duties this day seemed to fly right by and thankfully the evening hours came swiftly; my thoughts were exhilarated to say the least.  I couldn’t wait to get back to the club and see Sonia again!

The other fellas didn’t want to go this evening.  Just as soon as I was off duty I rushed to the staff showers, got cleaned up and dressed warmly.  In fact I knew I’d look sharp if I wore my black jacket, which Stéphane had brought for me on one of his stopovers in Fiji.  Glad I packed it!

“Someone’s got a hot date!” the guys teased me as I was leaving the ship.  Outside I was able to hail a cab quickly; there are always a handful of taxis waiting around the ship.  Only moments before the nightclub came into sight, I noticed a florist shop.

It’s not like I had ever before bought anything special for a girl but the thought of presenting her with a selection of flowers sure encouraged me to feel good – this would be right.

I immediately asked the cabbie to let me out there.  I paid him and went into the shop.  I selected half a dozen red roses and had them arranged with a spray of ferns and wrapped in clear cellophane.  I felt pleased with myself and walked to the club in the crisp evening air.

I went inside and quickly looked around the room for Sonia.  Nowhere was she, not even her sisters.  I took a deep breath and I felt my heart beat slightly increasing for a quick moment.  I was amused by my reaction.

I made my way to an empty table and set the flowers down; still standing a server came over to ask if I wanted a drink. I ordered a chilled Canadian draft beer and sat down. I had taken one drink from the frosted glass and I looked to the door again.  It was a little after 7, still early in the evening I assured myself.

Before another drink could be taken, I saw Sonia walking in with her sisters.  This time my heart went straight into my throat!  She smiled bright as soon as she saw me and while her sisters, waving a nice hello to me, sat down together at a nearby table, she came straight over to me.  I said ‘hi’ with my awkwardly extended hand.

She spoke no words but her smile spoke volumes!  Sonia approached me so closely and we fell immediately into a very warm and very nice hug.   She was 2 or 3 inches shorter than me and I kissed her on the forehead.

After a moment of eternity, we released our embrace and she sat down.  I still stood and reaching for the roses and I handed them to her.  She looked at them lovingly and she said, “Ah, so beautiful!”  I immediately replied, ‘so are you.  You are so beautiful, just like these roses!’  She looked into my eyes, giggling.

Now I sat down.  The waiter came to take her drink order.  I could sense the sisters taking turns glancing our way.  A couple of them got up to dance.  The waiter brought Sonia a nicely dressed ginger ale and she sipped on it so sweetly.

Her hands were placed on the tabletop and well, after that hug, I instinctively reached out to take hold of her hand, that which was closest to me.  Sonia did not once pull her hand away.

We talked with deep purpose; it just fell immediately into our conversation that way, the seriousness of our discovery of feelings for one another.  This was revealed in the manner of our words themselves; we were making plans!



Anybody out there got a time machine?  Blue Masala was hoping to hitch a ride!

How about that?  Two posts in one night!  Well, I thought I should make up a little for all the glitches; a bumpy start to be sure.  All that can change now and well no more apologies.  I’m still aiming to post every Sunday night about 8p.  As the musicians say, “Play it by ear.”  And so we will.

Good night and a blessed New Year wish for all!

7. Diamonds & Lumber – part 3

The next evening we did not return.  I think the cold (which was very new to me) made us feel a bit tired.  Now the 3rd night, my friends and I agreed to go back and so we all got cleaned up real nice and took a cab to the club as it was perhaps a couple of miles away from the port.

Once we entered my eyes began searching the room for this lovely girl.  I soon realized I felt disappointment as I thought perhaps she was there and I just couldn’t recognize her. The guys and I sat down and had ordered some drinks.

It was nearly an hour later when I sensed I should look up to the entrance door and there she was, coming in with her sisters.  I suddenly felt myself completely relax.

They grabbed an open table nearby and I knew right away she too was looking for me, I just knew it because she smiled big and pretty the moment her eyes met mine.  She was clearly happy that I was there. Now I waited …

A song played on as they settled into the evening.  The next song I felt was absolutely right and with that I stood up and went over to her table, walking around the other girls to approach her.  I said hello and asked her if she’d like to have this dance with me.

I could tell she quickly shot a glance to all of her companions as if asking permission but it was only a couple of seconds and she popped right up, giddy as a schoolgirl gets! We headed to the floor.

It was a slow dance (lucky me!) and we placed ourselves at a gentle distance.  We moved in rhythm with one another as the music swayed us and spoke many words to further acquaint ourselves.

In the expanse of this dance, I learned her name, Sonia and all those girls she was with were her sisters, they were born there in Canada, their mother was French, their father was from Punjab and she was going to school.

She inquired about me and I filled her in with as much detail as she could take and she wanted to know everything about me; all of which completely flattered me of course! When the music stopped we were still holding on to one another, a little closer now, and still talking as though we were the only people in the room.

We walked back to her table and her sisters encouraged me to join them.  She then took the cue from them and began introducing me.  I sat down with Sonia and we all fell into comfortable conversation, mainly they asked me to talk about myself; when did I come to Canada, how long was I going to stay, etc.

Sonia and I shared one more dance that evening as we mostly all did a lot of talking at the table. My friends too had their own entertainment going on, they danced and had a good time as well.

It was getting late, we had to get back to the ship and the girls admitted they too had to get home.  They asked if I’d be back tomorrow evening but I couldn’t promise.  I knew that more than anything I wanted to see her again.